Our Engagement

It was what seemed to be a normal Monday evening on September 23rd 2013. I worked that morning and Tony and I made plans over the weekend to check out the sunset on the pedestrian bridge in downtown Louisville. I came home from work and we squeezed in a quick run around the neighborhood before getting cleaned up and hurrying downtown to catch the sunset. We made it just in time, despite getting caught by a slow-moving train on River Road.

We walked all the way to the Indiana side and it was on our way back that we stopped about half way across to enjoy the last of the sun as  it sunk below the horizon. As we were both facing out towards downtown Louisville Tony was asking random silly questions and then asked something about marriage, to which I replied, “I told you I’d say yes…. we talked about this already.” Tony took the ring out of his pocket and popped it open in front of me. I gasped, turned around to face him and he got down on one knee and said, “Jennifer Nash, will you marry me?”

I said “YES”.  At this time other people were walking by and a women said “Awww that girl is getting engaged on the bridge.” I kinda looked for who she was talking about and realized she was talking about me. I was getting engaged on the bridge. It was pretty incredible and a bit surreal at the same time.

We walked the rest of the way across as I frantically texted all my family and friends a photo of us with me showing the ring. The best text reply was from my brother, who wrote “what am I looking at here.” He didn’t even notice the ring… HA!


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